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We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is something valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch”

E E Cummings

Meet Lulu

Lulu Russell Counsellor
When you embark on your journey it is nice to know who you are traveling with.

Hello I’m Lulu, I look forward to meeting you

I have been training and working as a counsellor for more than 20 years and I love what I do: building connections, and relationships. Having the privilege of getting to know my clients, understand their internal worlds and journey by their sides.

One of the pleasures of being a therapist is to always be open to learning from life, and knowing that you will never know everything!

An adage that I try to live by is ‘Less Clever, More Wise’.

I have lived most of my life in the Brighton area by the sea, my favourite place to be, in constant motion, moving and changing, but always there, giving me a sense of perspective.

Creating Perspective

My Approach

Kindness; Compassion; Clarity

We are all unique and have different ways of connecting, learning and understanding. Working as an Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counsellor enables me to work with you in a way that best suits your needs. I can tailor my approach to meet you where you need to be met.

I am passionate about counselling, working with, and in, relationship. Working in this way allows a unique and powerful opportunity for people to grow and change. Part of this journey is uncovering what you like about yourself and your life, letting go of what holds you back thus enabling you to choose a better way forward.

Working together I will be support you to find more effective ways to address difficult issues and arrive at a greater sense of self. Together we will create a safe and non-judgmental relationship enabling you to understand yourself and work towards acceptance, resolution or change.

I believe that each of us has the capacity to know our own best answers, whatever the question may be. Your answers will come from knowing yourself and having clarity around who you are and how you see your world.  

How We Can Work Together

Open ended counselling

Each of us is a unique individual and as human beings we all want to live our best lives: at our core we strive to be happy, to have love in our lives, and to feel safe. We all want to know ourselves and to be happy with who we are.
We need a sense of fulfilment and purpose as we move forward in life.

What stops us?
  • Being overwhelmed.
  • Dealing with loss, illness, life changes, trauma.
  • Inability to let things go or allow them to move into our past.
  • Either losing or never having a sense of authentic and complete connection to self (mind, body, and spirit).
Do you need help and support?

I can offer you a private, confidential and professional space to talk through any issues, help to untangle your confusion and gain new perspective as you look forwards. I have a wealth of experience and have worked with many different issues

I believe that each of us has the capacity to know our own best answers, whatever the question may be. In my experience this usually comes from really knowing yourself, understanding who you want to be in this world and how you want to live. Given time together we will explore, remember and find out who you are and I will support you to find your own right answers.

  • £30 up to 50 minutes Initial Assessment Session
  • £55 for a 50 Minute Individual Counselling Session

We all long for the closeness and understanding that our intimate relationships can bring. In today’s busy world the joy of this closeness within this intimate heart space is often lost, as we lose contact with ourselves and each other. Our own personal struggles become entangled in our relationship and the ‘system’ becomes stuck.

We begin to work against each other rather than working with each other. Our safe, loving and joyful place can become a space of pain, anger and despair.

  • Want to stop fighting and start healing?
  • Do you want support to understand your relational style?
  • Are you curious to find out what is going on underneath?
Wherever your relationship is this support could benefit you.

As an experienced counsellor I provide a safe, creative and private space to couples wanting to explore their relationships’ and share their joys and struggles. I can offer you my support and the strategies to move and grow within your relationship.

Along with my training and experience I bring you my passion for working with, and in, relationship. Working in this way where your relationship is my client, allows a unique and powerful opportunity for acceptance, growth and change. This will benefit not only your relationship but you as individuals in a relationship.

  • £50 up to 60 Minutes Assessment Session
  • £90 for a 50 Minute Session
  • £125 for a 90 Minute Session
  • £150 for a 60 minute couples counselling session with two qualified counsellors
Short term – solution focused


A way to give new strength and breath new life into

Are you feeling all at sea? Have you lost your surety, your sense of who you are and what your path forward is? 

Perhaps everything is different; maybe you have lost a loved one or a relationship, maybe you have lost your career or you are facing an empty nest? What you know and how you live has changed…

Do you want to restore your confidence, be able to make positive changes that enhance your life and make you feel strong? You can regain the ability to think clearly and choose how you step forward. REFRESH is for you


An act of adjusting or fixing something in a new or different way.

Are you struggling with anger, anxiety, depression, loss, grief or tired of trying to manage alone?

Do you find yourself stuck in a pattern of behaving that you just can’t seem to change…?

Do you want to learn how to manage, find balance & understand yourself? Do you want the tools, knowledge and ability to make positive changes that enhance your life and benefit you and those you love? RESET is for you



It has been such a pleasure working with Lulu, I was in a really bad place, her patience and expertise over the year helped guide me in a really gentle and supportive way.   Lulu strikes a good balance of being professional whilst remaining incredibly personable.  I always felt like she was really listening to what I had to say and I was sometimes surprised how she’d remember small details from something we might have discussed weeks ago, this always led to me feeling heard and at ease during our sessions.  I am now in a much better place to what I was in January last year and that is largely thanks to Lulu’s sessions and excellent counselling.


I may be in session, so if you call please leave a message and I will call you back

email: lulurussellcounselling@gmail.com

phone or text: +44 7941 853082

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